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Falcon Retail Contract

The Falcon Retail Contract is the ideal way to run our pub on a self-employed basis, but have the comfort and support of knowing that we are right beside you to guide you through this business venture.

You’ll have peace of mind of knowing that most of the day to day bills associated with running a small business are not yours. Free to focus entirely on delivering a great retail offer to drive sales and profit.

A rewarding business model where our business objectives are truly aligned. Operating with a clear structure and maximum support and guidance from the outset, your Area Operations Manager will be working with you to develop and optimise the efficiency, sales and profitability of our pub.

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How it works:

Our Falcon Retail Contract is a 5-year contract where you will retain an agreed % of all net weekly sales. Your focus needs to be on establishing a great team of people around you to deliver the agreed pub offer. From your weekly management fee, you will need to pay yourself and your staff, the council tax for your living accommodation, registering for VAT machines gaming duty, any insurance outlined in your contract. Every other expense is picked up by Punch.

Our expectations of an efficient day to day business are clearly specified in our falcon guide. Punch will retain responsibility for all repairs, investment, other bills, including food and drinks purchases.

Not only will you receive an agreed % of the weekly net sales, but in addition, we would like to reward you even further for delivering expected profit levels out of the pub. This is in the form of a twice yearly profit incentive payment for on target delivery of pub profit.

We will both want to ensure that you are fully up to speed on the systems and processes that underpin a really well run business, before going into our pub. To that end, we have a fantastic 4-day induction course which will be absolutely crucial to setting you up to succeed in our pub – we’re not prepared to compromise on our retail offers, and as such we won’t compromise on your training, regardless of your background. In addition to this your Area Operations Manager will be working with you to help bring to life our plan for delivering our shared vision for the pub.

Following that, your Area Operations Manager will supply everything you need to get you up-and-running in advance, so the pub is ready to trade with the appropriate food and drinks menus format already set up for you.

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Why would I choose a Falcon Retail Contract?

• There is a low cost to enter this contract – deposit only 1 weeks target net sales
• Opportunity to earn additional profit incentive, twice a year
• Minimal burden of day to day bills and subsequent cash flow worries
• Great selection of pubs in prime locations across the country
• A great portfolio of retail products
• Free of charge Training course
• Tried & tested menus, designed by our catering team
• Dedicated support from your Area Operations Manager

Click these links to see inside one of our pubs: 3D View 1 & 3D View 2

Am I suitable?

Our Falcon Retail Contract is designed to give publicans with the appropriate background, skillset and attitude a rewarding opportunity to operate a Punch pub.

Above all, potential publicans must possess a passion for retail and recognise the importance of delivering consistently outstanding service and standards. The low entry costs for this contract are a notable advantage for any publican, with our focus much more on the candidate’s ability to be able to drive the pub to be the best it can possibly be.

You will receive regular guidance to help the business and therefore your day to day presence in the business and the implementation of our specific operating guidelines & procedures, will be critical to the pubs success.

An engaging and open minded approach to consumer feedback and continuous improvement of the pub retail offer is not just desirable but essential.

The structured and supportive nature of this contract, does not preclude people without previous experience from taking the contract, although depending on the pub this may be advantageous.

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